J. Wesley Adcock

“His strong influence upon the holiness movement is reflected in the fact that [his] years of service. . . brought him into fellowship, association and labors with forty different denominations. The fact that so many of them would call upon him as an evangelist, as a teacher, as an expositor certainly emphasizes that those who knew him [had] the utmost confidence in him.” — George Vernon

“J. Wesley Adcock was one of the most godly men I have ever known! I was in several of his classes when he taught at God’s Bible School and had the opportunity to hear him preach many times in camp meetings and revivals. His preaching was simple and methodical, yet powerful and anointed. On more than one occasion, I remember him preaching doctrinal messages that ended in shouts of praise and rejoicing.” —Daniel Stetler, President of Hobe Sound Bible College

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Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    Thank you for this wonderful service. My father, Rev. Jason H. Felter, was a Pilgrim Holiness evangelist and colleague of Rev. Adcock. Hearing him preach took me back to Orleans, IN and the Pilgrim campmeeting. Thanks so much.

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    i believe that the real church of christ is the one born in holiness,of holiness, on holiness, with holiness, and for holiness.without this is not church at all

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    He was my Bible teacher for three years while I was in high school at Frankfort Pilgrim Collage. He made such an impression on me I never got away from the old fashioned Holiness message. I sat in many chapel services while he preached and felt God’s power so strong it put such a desire in my heart never to want anything else in my life but God.

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    I treasure the precious times in our Bible Class at GBS with Brother Adcock.

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