Jabez – Douglas Crossman


Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    Crossman is from Bath, England though I believe still lives in the US. Try this link for more of his audio. IMARC sermon audio

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    Thanks for the info and the link! I appreciate it!

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    If it is the same Douglas Crossman that I knew(and he was very involved in the holiness movement) he was a welshman from Merthyr Tydvill, went to london Bible College and his first pastoral position was at West st Baptist church Dunstable where he was one of the human agencies God used in my conversion

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    I too was converted through the ministry of Doug & Eileen Crossman. He was my pastor at Dunstable and baptised me. A great and godly influence in my early chrisdtian life

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    I am so glad to discover your website. Douglas and Eileen Crossman are dear friends of our family since the 1970’s. He is presently living in England but also resides part time in Mount Pleasant Charleston South Carolina. His ministry has enriched our lives and that of our congregations over the years. We possess other messages of this great holiness advocate.

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    Thanks you all for listening and commenting!

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    I enjoyed this message preached by Douglas Crossman. It was very powerful indeed and the Lord blessed my soul as I listened.

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    I had the privilege and great blessing to listen to Mr Crossman This Morning in St Thomas Baptist Church Exeter. Exodus 16 the atonement. so blessed and challenged

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    For those of you who haven’t seen Douglas and Eileen for a while (my parents) they are now living in Banbury Oxfordshire (UK). They still do some preaching, and the whole family celebrated Dad’s 80th birthday last December. So lovely to see these posts, I will share them with him.

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    Do we have any sermons by Dr. Jim Bond? I have heard him preach some great Holiness Sermons, as my pastor, when he was President of PlNU and as General Sup.

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    Sorry, I don’t have any sermons by Dr. Bond.

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    Thank you! Great to hear your parents are doing well. I enjoy listening to your father preach.

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    Great to hear Douglas Crossman preach again as I wasconverted through his ministry at West Street Baptist Church in the early 1960s. It was his first minisrial appointmentand hearing him preach again has brought back many memories

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    I first heard Douglas preach this sermon some weeks after, on cassette, the southport international revival convention 1976. The sermon on Jabez was preached on the opening Saturday afternoon meeting, whch I was not present at. I had heard him ‘live’ on the following Monday and Thursday. His sermon in Jabez was used by God to revitalise my then prayer life. I recently listened to it again, online, and it brought back memories of times past. Jonah was called by God a second time after he had disobeyed Him. I trust that Douglas, and other godly preachers, will be used by the Lord to bless, enrich and stir to prayer to our breath of life God of reviving miracles. And may Douglas still be equipped by the Lord of glory to bring encouragement and challenge to the saints of God.

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    this really is all our yesterdays. I was converted and baptised under his ministry in Dunstable 1960s.I remember with thanksgiving.

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