Hospital Experience – “Uncle Bud” Robinson

This message is definitely a classic! In this famous message Reuben “Uncle Bud” Robinson relates his hospital experience. This message was delivered in 1940. Click here to listen

Reuben “Uncle Bud” Robinson (1860-1942) was born in a log cabin in the primitive mountain region of Tennessee. When he was 16, his father died, and his mother sold what little they had and moved to Texas. After an unsuccessful endeavor as a sharecropper, Bud hired out as a ranch hand. In August of 1880, during a camp meeting, he felt deep conviction for his sin and received Christ as his Saviour and was gloriously saved. That same night, while lying under the wagon with his hat on a mesquite stump for a pillow, the Lord called him to preach.

Although he had no education and stuttered so badly that he could hardly tell his name, yet in the first year of his ministry he saw about 300 conversions in his meetings. On January 10, 1893, he married Miss Sallie Harper at Georgetown, Texas. For two years he served the Hubbard cir- cuit, but the remaining 60 years of his ministry were given to evangelism. While lacking formal education, Uncle Bud had a wisdom all of his own. It was an unusual insight into the purpose for the redeemed man here on earth, a holy walk, day by day.

His philosophy is seen in the following prayer he prayed each morning: “O Lord, give me a backbone as big as a sawlog, and ribs like sleepers under the church floor. Put iron shoes on me and galvanized breeches, and hang a wagon- load of determination in the gable end of my soul. And help me to sign the contract to fight the devil as long as I have a vision, and bit him as long as I have a tooth, and then gum him till I die! Amen!”

During his long ministry, it is estimated that Uncle Bud traveled over 2,000,000 miles, preached over 33,000 ser- mons, witnessed more than 100,000 conversions, personally gave more than $85,000.00 in helping young people with their Christian education, secured over 53,000 subscriptions to his church paper, The Herald of Holiness, and wrote 14 books and sold more than 500,000 copies.

In spite of his handicaps and physical ailments, speech impediment and lack of education, he made the Who’s Who of California. From Boston to Los Angeles, thousands thronged to hear him, charmed by his homespun wit and his unique presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His life was one of activity, and his will to his dying hour was to serve his Lord. He went to be with the Lord on November 2, 1942.


Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    What a wonderful message! This should inspire anyone to want more than anything else in this world, to live a pure, holy life, so we can make it to that heaven Uncle Buddy visited. Thank you so much!

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    Thanks for listening and commenting!

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    I heard uncle Bud’s message in 1975. it touched my heart and changed my life. My foster son got saved on Dec. 12,2008, I was telling him about that message and what Uncle buddy experienced/ I did a search and found it. We all sat down as a family and listened to the greatest message I ever heard in my life. Uncle Buddy may be gone to Heaven now but his wonderful walk with the Lord is still with us to this day. Thank you so much for recording this on the web. You will never know how much it meant to me!!! Glory be to Jesus! He is still the same Jesus Now and Forever!! God will be as real to all of us if we draw closer and closer to Him!! I believe in heart Holiness! God is so real and good to us all. Praise His Holy name and all that He is! He is my drink when I am thirsty, My food when I hunger and the clothes that keep me warm when I am cold. Praise be to God! Praise be to the Lamb, his precious Son that was slain for all our sins. Let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord!! Thank You again!!!

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    this was a great message everyone needs to listen to it

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    I first heard this sermon several years ago and was so thankful to find it again. It is surely an inspiration to a man who has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years. Such a blessing.

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    I remember “Uncle Buddy Robinson” from a very young age. My mother was good friends with Rev. Iva Berry from East Machais, Maine. She pastored a small Nazarene Church in that eastern Maine town. It is less than 100 miles from the Canadian border. She was the first holiness preacher I had ever met at that time….that was in the late 1960’s. I did not get saved until 1983 at which time I was under OLD FASHION HOLY GHOST CONVICTION…I FELT AS IF I WOULD CERTAINLY DROP RIGHT INTO HELL IF I DID NOT GET SAVED! AFTER I MET THE CONDITIONS GOD CAME THROUGH THE SAVING POWER OF THE HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST AND SAVED MY POOR SOUL! I mean I made wrongs right! And everything the Holy Ghost showed me I did…It’s called walking in the LIGHT of GOD! Amen…I didn’t have to wonder what happen to me although Satan would tempt me to doubt.. But Almighty God in His Faithfulness helped me to get grounded and settle in the Faith…Amen and He saves me still today May 01,2016!

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