Pentecost – R.G. Flexon


Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    I heard Dr. Flexon preach this message and many more. He was a friend and a annointed preacher. Most good preachers today do not know of annointing.

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    great man of God and soul winner, a lost ministry i am afiad

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    Holiness preachers like that seem to be all gone. I long to see God raise up preachers in the church to preach that way again.

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    I find your testimony very interesting. God has brought me to the same place, but trying to share my experience and encourage others to pursue it has been very difficult. Opposition is the normal response.
    We have been with The Wycliffe Bible Translators in Brazil for over 30 years and are now “retired” in MN.

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    Everyone needs to hear this message more times than once.

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    I used to attend Gods Bible School

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    I’m saved

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