Draw Nigh to God – J. Wesley Adcock


Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    Rev. J. Wesley Adcock is my great grandfather

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    You are very blessed to have such a godly heritage. I had Bro. Adcock as an instructor at God’s Bible College and his classes brought us close to God

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    While a student at Frankfort Pilgrim College, I was greatful for his teaching and his godly life. I was excited to find his messages on this web site.

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    when i needed it the most i turned to your preaching sermon to get help and it binds back powers of darkness to help in time of need

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    Brother Adcock was the best teacher I ever knew, becaus he lived what he tought and preached.

    He was real all the way I traveled with him for three years going from Indianapolis IN to God’s Bible School & College in Cincinnati OH

    Those trips were a blessing hearing Brother Adcock talk and pray. He knew how to talk to God, when God would come into the car some times I had to almost pull off the road for crying.

    What am today goes to those trip as building blocks of my life.

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    Could someone share with me Rev. Adcock’s bio? Date of birth and if he is still living or has passed on? Thank you!

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