7 Marks of Being Sanctified – Lawrence B. Hicks


Author: Jon Earls

I serve as the pastor of the Tarrant Bible Methodist Church in Tarrant Alabama. I am married to the love of my life Michelle, and have three children. I occasionally share my thoughts at my blog or on Facebook. I am passionate about knowing Christ and making Him known.

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    Perhaps not in the scope of this message: Question, is entire sanctification result of a process, or of one or more climatic
    experiences? Enjoyed the message.

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    To whoever,

    Sanctification is both a single, instant work, as well as a continuous process. In order to live Holy, it takes the Holiness of God and not our ‘works’ to DO our ‘reasonable service’. It is about coming out from among them, being separate and living different. Being different. Thinking different. Salvation begins the process. But, being ‘established’, being ‘perfect’- going on to perfection is a work of grace, separate from getting saved. And nothing can do this except a work of grace that can accomplish the acts and deeds. An abiding peace. Go to the 17th chapter of John. This single, longest prayer of our Savor Jesus Christ is the proof of this work of grace. He prayed for the ones he had kept. No one else. He asked God the Father, His father, our Father to bestow this act upon those who would soon be receiving the ‘power and fire’ in the upper room. And why aren’t pastors preaching this today? In the account that our adversary must give daily before the awesome throne of grace, God Almighty, he states his daily purpose, “to seek to devour”. To stop any attempt anyone makes to be ‘Holy as He is Holy’. Coming out from among them is essential, necessary and on command for anyone who professes Jesus as Lord. It is our lifestyles, appearance, conduct, attitudes, speech, thinking and ‘re-acting’ that makes us ‘peculiar’ and therefore the ‘light’ to the lost and dying world. ‘Seeing our good works’, they will glorify God. No one can imitate this. Cannot do good works. The truth of the lack of sanctification will always reveal itself somewhere down the road.
    Seek the kingdom while it may be found. Seek this gift.

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    Sanctification is the second work of grace that every Christian needs to live a sin free life; it is real and I have experienced it!!

    Jesus Christ did not suffer and die for a universal plan of salvation that leaves us sinning!

    There are two kinds of sins; the one’s you commit and the one’s you inherited from the fall in the Garden of Eden.

    Therefore, there are two works of grace to deal with each. The first, is repentance, ask God to forgive you for the sins you have committed. The second, is asking God to cleanse your heart from the inherited sin.

    If you earnestly seek with all of your heart, you will find it!

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    This is that is a wonderful sermon that everyone should hear.

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