T.M. Anderson »

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To Be Wholly Sanctified – Tony M. Anderson

This tremendous sermon is preached by T.M. Anderson. Click here to listen.


Lawrence B. Hicks »

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Why God Sent Jesus – Lawrence B. Hicks

In this sermon Lawrence B. Hicks preaches on the subject “Why God Sent Jesus.” I am not sure of the date when this message was preached. Click here to listen. (They sound starts out a little rough but gets better after the first few seconds).


V.O. Agan »

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Perfection – V.O. Agan

V.O. Agan is one of my heroes. I can not think of anyone who showed the love of Christ and was an example of holiness, more than he was. He was a good preacher, but more than just being a good preacher, he lived what he preached! Dr. Agan passed away on March 25, 2006, but his legacy and memory lives on!

Click here to listen to a sermon entitled “Perfection” by V.O. Agan.


Glenn Griffith »

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Grieve Not The Spirit – Glenn Griffith

This sermon is entitled “Grieve not the Spirit.” Click here to listen.


Glenn Griffith »

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Jesus Last Words – Glenn Griffith

Glenn Griffith was one of the leaders of the Conservative Holiness Movement from the very beginning. In fact, the Conservative Holiness Movement was called the “Glen Griffith Movement” by one writer.

In this sermon classic, Glenn Griffith preaches on “Jesus’ Last Words.”

Click here to listen.

Wayne States sings “He Giveth More Grace” right before the sermon.

S.D. Herron »

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Be Filled with the Spirit – S.D. Herron

Stephen D. Herron preaching “Be Filled with the Spirit.” Click here to listen. This sermon was preached at Sea Breeze Camp Meeting – date unknown.

Rev. S.D. Herron: Pastor, evangelist, educator, and lifelong seeker after truth. His message of excellence in scholarship and peity challenged young and old. His earnest cry for Godliness in thought and deed rang from conventions, camp meetings, and the classroom. A study in intensity and purpose listen to the cry of a burning heart. (From CD insert written by William Snider)