For some time I have felt it on my heart to create a site where sermons by some of the “heroes” of the conservative holiness movement could be heard. Tapes by these men are disappearing fast or collecting dust somewhere. I am trying to copy these sermons to my computer, clean up the sound as much as possible, and upload them to the internet so that the whole world can hear the message of heart purity preached by some of the great holiness preachers of the past (and perhaps the present).

This process takes a good deal of time, and this site is just getting started. I hope to eventually have hundred’s of sermons available for download or streaming.

Thanks for visiting! Add this site to your newsreader via RSS so you can be updated every time a new sermon is added!

Please feel free to leave comments, and if you have any problems listening to a sermon, let me know by either emailing me or by commenting about that particular sermon. Thanks!