S.D. Herron preaching from John 20:1-18 on Easter Sunday morning, April 22, 1984 at Hobe Sound Bible Church in Hobe Sound Florida.

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Revered and loved by man, Stephen Herron was the epitome of a man on fire for God. Often quoted and aspired after, he was known as a preacher and teacher that not only preached great sermons, but also lived out those sermons. Many can boast of great oratory skills, few have lived their lives accordingly.

Born in 1917, Dr. Herron journeyed to the scublands of southeastern Florida in 1960 to found a Bible college for young men and women that wished to enter the Lord’s service. Joining H. Robb French and others that had come before, he carved out of the “wilderness” of Hobe Sound an institution that, to this day, continues to educate young people for service. Dr. Herron received his eternal reward in 1994 but his legacy lives on.

Possessed by a love for God, he imparted that love through his many sermons and writings which were infused with wisdom and keen observations. Many people can profess to being caught under the gaze of those “steel blue eyes” and feeling the conviction of God upon their hearts. Through his love for God and others he, and others, have left us with a rich heritage.

(Taken from a CD insert from Hobe Sound Bible College)